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Karen Howe


 A little bit about me...


I have worked in many different industries before finding my true calling as an Accredited Bicom Bioresonance Therapist. I have worked in Childcare, the Beauty Industry, Community Services, Aged and Disability and I am Yoga Teacher. I lived south of Sydney for most of my life, then in 2016 I travelled with my husband around our beautiful country living out of a tent for 5 months before settling in Hervey Bay. I love to cook, read, walk my dog Leroy on the beach, immerse myself in yoga, and spend quality time with family and friends - I love a good chat and a great read.

One day I met a lovely lady who shared her Bioresonance Therapy wellness journey with me. At that very moment I realised this was going to be my true path.  I have always been interested and participated in holistic practices. Good health is most important to me.



I am proud to bring the Bioresonance Therapy to Hervey Bay. I believe everything has its place within medicine - both traditional mainstream treatments and holistic therapies.  What I have seen, read and researched over the years is the tendency for traditional medicine to focus on the symptoms  that an individual presents with, rather than what the underlying cause of these symptoms may be.

Throughout my life, I have been on a quest for wellness, which lead me to various holistic approaches, including BICOM bioresonance therapy. Once I gained the knowledge about Bioresonance Therapy I knew I had found my life purpose.


My purpose is to help people feel better, both physically and emotionally.

I am passionate about helping people and animals.




This therapy was developed nearly 30 years ago in Germany and is widely used by over 8000 practitioners throughout Europe, the UK and Asia as a successful treatment for restoring and maintaining good health.  70% of these practitioners are medical doctors.

The cause of chronic illness and disease can often lie hidden.  Our bodies are exposed to many stressors and toxic substances throughout our lives, including;  chemicals, heavy metals, food intolerances and emotional stress, just to name a few!  Over our years, these toxic substances build up and then there is usually one last thing that makes the 'cup overflow'. Your body has now reached a 'total body overload'.

The therapy uses a BICOM machine to identify and treat these stressors on the body.  Karen uses the latest machine, the BICOM Optima.  This machine detects changes in the physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process.

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